UPDATE: How did your legislator vote on the Cap on Kids!

UPDATE: The senate passed this bill and it was headed for engrossment then off to the Governor’s desk. The roll call for the vote is here. Vinnie DeMacedo supported an amendment that would have watered this bill down, but that amendment failed – this is the roll call for the amendment, he also offered his own amendment that would also water it down but it was rejected without a vote.

The House passed this bill on March 13, the vote was 155 yeas to 1 nay.  If you are not on Cape Cod and want to know how your Rep voted (or not) here is the Roll Call vote for the entire MA House, there were Reps who were recorded as “Present” or as “Not Voting.” If your Rep voted that way, note that often means they don’t want to take a position either way.  Think about that.


NOW, we are asking you to send a quick email to your State Senator.  Last year this bill was passed, but the Governor vetoed it. The more votes FOR this bill, the more likely Baker will sign it.

What is the Cap On Kids?

If a poor mother who qualifies for welfare has two children, she can get up to $578 a month in government assistance. But if one of those children was born while she was on assistance, she can only get up to $478.  This, for many poor families, can mean a diaper or food shortage.  This cap impacts just 8700 children in MA, lifting the cap will not create a problem for our state budget.

MA is one of only 16 states that has a “cap on kids.”

Last year a bill to lift this cap passed both the MA House and Senate. It was vetoed by Gov. Baker who said he would sign it only if it included deductions in the same amount from disability payments. That would not resolve the issue, and would have impacted over 5000 of the 8700 kids.

What we are asking you to do:

Send an email to, or call your State Senator’s office before NOON Thursday. Cape and Islands Senator contact is here, all MA Senators here, and if you don’t know who your State Senator is, check here.

The ask is simple, please vote yes on S.37 “Lift the Cap on Kids.”

It is even more effective if you add a narative. Do you have a personal story about a struggling family? Do you want your state to be one of only 16 that denies this small amount of money to poor families? You can also use the this fact sheet:

What is the Cap on Kids?

  •  The Cap on Kids – also called the Family Cap – denies welfare benefits to children conceived while – or soon after – the family received benefits.
  •  Massachusetts denies benefits to 8,700 children because of the Cap on Kids.
    Welfare benefits go up by about $100 a month as family size increases, unless the child is excluded by the Cap on Kids.
  •  Welfare benefits are very low – $593/month for a family of three, but only $491 if one of the children is excluded by the Cap on Kids.
  • Massachusetts is one of only 16 states that still have a Cap on Kids or similar policy. Eight states that had kids cap policies have repealed them.

Didn’t we do this last year?

  •  The Legislature included Lift the Cap on Kids in the FY 19 budget. The Governor returned it with an amendment conditioning family cap repeal on cutting off benefits to children with a disabled parent. The Legislature rejected the amendment and reenacted family cap repeal, but the Governor vetoed repeal after the formal session ended.

Please support early action to Lift the Cap on Kids so children do not have to wait even longer for an end to this injustice.

Let us know you contacted your Senator by leaving a comment here, on our Facebook page or by sending us an email CapeCodWomenforChange@gmail.com

Thank you for using your voice!



(If you see errors or omissions please contact CapeCodWomenforChange@gmail.com)

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