ELECTION. All politics is local, why we must vote BLUE up and down the ballot.

This is our closing argument for the 2018 midterms.  Our inboxes are full right now with closing arguments from all of the campaigns we’ve made contact with during this election season; this is our last minute effort to talk about why this election is so important at the local level.

Women’s rights are at risk. The appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a serious threat to our rights, all our rights, from civil rights, to healthcare access, and so many aspects of our daily lives.

We rely on our state legislature to protect us from the actions taken by Trump and the current congress. The laws passed at the state level protect our rights and quality of life from federal laws, regulations, and Trump’s arbitrary executive orders and policy changes.

Our access to healthcare is at risk, coverage for contraception is no longer in the ACA and these protections must be provided at the state level.

Family planning health centers that rely on government funding are being threatened that they will lose their Title X federal funding if they answer a patient’s questions about abortion. Any question. Thus they rely on state funding. These clinics are often the only source of health care for low-income members of our communities, and are an important source of early detection and disease prevention as a part of their services.

We expect the right to choose will be dismantled piece by piece as states bring cases to SCOTUS in defense of state laws that strip reproductive rights from women. He may not overturn Roe V Wade, but Kavanaugh’s vote will guarantee that the protections of Roe v Wade will be eroded, case by case. We will also see dismantling of laws and protections for LGBT – that has already started.

Now more than ever we need to know our state legislature will protect us.  Yet here on the Cape, several of our GOP reps and our GOP senator have NOT been protecting us, while our Democratic legislators fight for us. And, too often legislation is killed by Gov Baker’s vetos or amendments, or doesn’t even make it to the floor because he’s promised a veto. These stories, if reported in the media, are often overlooked – we do our best to let you know.

We have been advocating for legislation at the state level for several years now, and we know who is supporting the legislation important to women, families and LGBT, and who is not. Quite frankly it’s mostly down party lines. Our local Republican incumbents have not only have not supported and voted against many important pieces of legislation, they have sponsored bills that threaten our rights, our access to healthcare, our right to choose, bills to lessen gun restrictions and more.  You can see some of their records in recently published stories linked at the bottom of this page.

While the Democratic party has it’s own issues with conflicting ideals – there are several Democratic legislators in this state (not on the Cape!) who are pro-life, pro-gun and do little that should define them as Democrats, and there are many who want to see a more progressive platform –  this election, 2020 and 2022, however, are the times that we need to vote blue in all elections to protect us from Trump and his Congressional supporters.

Cape Cod Women for Change has many unrolled or “independent” supporters and followers. Right now we implore you all to vote for Democrats.  Even if we “take back the House” nationally tomorrow, the Senate has power to continue to appoint federal judges and take other actions independent of the House and our rights and quality of life remain at risk. Let’s make sure we can rely on our state legislators to protect us.

Our Cape Cod incumbent Democrats have supported the legislation we endorsed and have been helpful to our efforts, and the candidates challenging Cape Cod Republican incumbents plan to do the same.

We do this advocacy work for you. And now we need you to help us.

Vote Blue.

Vote for all Democrats on the ballot. Vote for Jay Gonzales even if you like Charlie Baker. Baker needs to know that we know when he vetoes or kills legislation important to us.

Vote Yes on all three questions, if you can’t vote Yes one,  it is most important that you vote YES Question 3.

Here is our collection of candidate information:

(forgive typos etc, as these posts have been updated a few times!)


Plymouth Districts’ Senators’ and House Reps’ ratings and grades on women’s issues

Plymouth Districts Senators and House Reps with good ratings and endorsements from the NRA

Our slate also includes

  • Jan Gonzales – Gov
  • Elizabeth Warren – US Senate
  • Maura Healey – AG
  • Bill Galvin – Sec of State
  • Deb Goldberg – Treasurer
  • Suzanne Bump – Auditor

Just vote all Democrats and you will have it covered!




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