CONGRATULATIONS! Why Ron Bergstrom is a better choice for Barnstable County Commissioner

UPDATE:  Ron Bergstrom WON – the seat was flipped! Congratulation Ron and thank you to everyone who supported him and who voted for him.

What is a Barnstable County Commissioner?

The Barnstable County Commission is a unique, and often overlooked, government structure intended to serve the needs of residents of all fifteen towns of Cape Cod. The Commissioners act as the executive branch of Barnstable County and are responsible for all County agencies, properties and finances.  Every resident of Barnstable County can vote for the three Barnstable County Commissioners who are elected for staggered four year terms and preside over the Assembly of Delegates.

Currently, of the three Commissioners, only the Chair, Leo Cakounes, is up for re-election.

His challenger is Ron Bergstrom who has been on the Barnstable County Assembly for 12 years and understands the values of Cape Codders and how our County government works.

During Mr Cakounes’ term, he has supported the election of fellow Commissioner Ron Beaty and repeatedly voted with Mr. Beaty who has outraged constituents with his dismissal of the #MeToo movement, and by trolling and name-calling Parkland students and any constituents who disagree with him. Together they have worked to reduce funding for Americorps, and to remove the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and Children’s Cove from Barnstable County government.

When Barnstable County Sheriff Cummings applied for 287g status to bring Federal ICE agents to our county, Mr. Cakounes and Mr. Beaty quickly moved to vote in favor, opening Barnstable County to possible civil rights lawsuits and higher tax bills.

Ron Bergstrom has pledged to reverse the cuts to Americorps, and to support the HRC and Children’s Cove. He believes that the federal government needs to fix our immigration problems, not push it off on small, local governments.

Ron Bergstrom is a dependable voice of reason within County Government, who can counter the baser impulses of Mr. Beaty, and would add much-needed dignity to the office of County Commissioner.

 Ron Bergstrom is the best choice for Cape Cod.

We need him on the Barnstable County Commission.

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