THANK YOU PAUL! Will Crocker has filed bills and voted against women, families and LGBTQ, Paul Cusack will actually represent us!

Thank you to Paul and his hard-working team for a hard fought race. This was the closest race against a state rep incumbent here on the Cape.

We will be watching our legislators’ sponsorships and votes.


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During the two years since Will Crocker was elected, he has done little for ALL of us, while pushing an agenda for the far right. The people in the 2nd Barnstable District deserve better.

We have the opportunity to elect Paul Cusack as our State Representative.  Cusack, a combat veteran, an Army Ranger- Special Ops who has education and experience in government and policy, will represent ALL of us.  The Cape Cod Times agrees and has endorsed Paul Cusack for State Representative.  Additionally, the Times recently discovered something that Cusack hadn’t shared with them- here is a piece from this great article:

Cusack is a recipient of the prestigious Soldier’s Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. Army for valor off the battlefield, an organization that advocates for veterans seeking elective office told the Times this week.
The medal was awarded for Cusack’s actions in the moments after the explosions at the 2013 Boston Marathon.
Cusack has not brought attention to the honor while on the campaign trail.

While Crocker’s many campaign mailings – funded by thousands of dollars donated by GOP movers and shakers and local developers (hence signs all over business properties owned by developers) – tout his efforts to “keep us safe” and describes money he has brought back to local towns, while he has actually been working against rights and services for women, children, and the LGBTQ community.

Cusack will support efforts that help public safety officials “keep us safe,” and will work with towns to bring money back to our community. This is standard for most State Reps.

Often when we talk to people about legislators’ records, we find that many are surprised at what their state legislators have been up to. Much of their legislative records aren’t published in local papers. In some cases, like Rep Crocker during his first term, it would seem hey prefer we not know.

These are just some of the bills Crocker sponsored and votes he has taken while acting as our state rep and his declared positions on ballot questions:

  • Crocker has declared he is against protections for Transgender citizens in MA – that he will vote no on Question #3 which will remove the protections that were voted into law by a previous legislature and signed into law by Gov. Charlie Baker (please see details about Question 3, what it means and why we urge you to vote YES.)
  • He has declared he will also vote NO on Question 2 which seeks to form a commission to consider MA becoming part of the movement to overturn Citizen’s United – which would take large corporate donations out of politics. Now, why would he vote against that?
  • One of the few bills he sponsored himself is a bill that renamed a pond in the Town of Barnstable to “Crocker Pond.” He did this after voting to rename the pond in his role as a Barnstable Town Councilor.  He was elected to the council to serve a four year term, and served just two years. He began running for State Rep. after his first year on the council without fulfilling promises to his council precinct constituents – but he did manage to renaming a pond to “Crocker Pond” set up for a state vote!
  • Crocker signed on to sponsor a bill with State Rep Tim Whelan and State Senator Senator Vinny deMacedo that would allow guns in schools. This is a “wedge” bill – it introduces wedge language – once anyone but a police officer is allowed to carry a gun in a school, it is easier expand those who are permitted guns in schools. These bills are filed for the NRA in states where the NRA seeks to relax gun laws.
  • Crocker voted to support “Gay Conversation Therapy” an archaic practice that uses therapy, usually religious based, to try to change Gay and Lesbian minors to heterosexual (H4664.)
  • And, despite taking advantage of state unemployment himself, Crocker voted against providing benefits to 5000 children in MA by supporting Charlie Baker’s amendment kill the budget item to “Lift the Cap on Kids” (see footnote 1). The votes in favor of the amendment were not enough and the full legislature eliminated the amendment, but Baker then used his powers to override that vote and the cruel Cap on Kids remains. Denying benefits to low income families and children is a partisan position, and the rhetoric often suggests people are taking something from all of us, unless it involves one of their own.
  • Crocker signed on to co-sponsor two bills filed by the well-known anti-choice State Rep Elizabeth A. Poirier introducing wedge language that would be used in court to end a woman’s right to choose in MA (H935 and H2282). That right is at risk at the federal level with the recent appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Any woman in MA who is faced with these difficult decisions should not have to travel to another state. We have come too far here in MA for that and we must be able to rely on on our state legislators to protect our rights! Neither bill made it to floor for a vote – this session. He should not have a chance to try again.
  • Crocker voted against automatic voter registration and enhancing safeguards against voter fraud (H4834)
  • Crocker co-sponsored bills that would put limits on the sale of marijuana to low income citizens (H3194) , to increase regulations on marijuana sales (H3202 & H1054).
  • Crocker did not support the Safe Communities Act that would have made it easier for immigrants, who, despite their status are now afraid to report crimes or cooperate with police. As a matter of fact, Crocker has continued to espouse the partisan lie that this act would somehow protect criminals. That is ridiculous. It does protect the federal money our Sheriff is using to act as an arm of ICE. Our local sheriff is a major supporter of Crocker’s.
  • Crocker also cosponsored bills to ease restrictions on gun sales, and to assist developers. (See his record on his official page.)

We deserve better representation!

We are lucky Paul Cusack is asking to be our State Representative for the Second Barnstable District.



Paul Cusack, challenger and Will Crocker 1-term incumbent


Does your state legislator support or oppose legislation that benefits women? These are Cape & Islands Senators’ and House Reps’ grades and endorsements regarding women’s issues

Update- this did NOT PASS. Our state is now supporting sheriffs who Call to Action, Time-sensitive! PROTECT IMMIGRANTS IN MA: Quick and easy action you can take to protect immigrants in MA

Cape Cod’s State Senator and State Rep’s NRA and gun groups grades and endorsements

1. US Bankruptcy Court Case, Mass District case # 12-14655 6/2012-11/2012, Vote to support Governor Baker’s amendment to keep the “Cap on Kids” Roll call #480 H4823




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