CONGRATULATIONS! State Senator Julian Cyr has been an important asset to all of us!

UPDATE: Julian won – thank you to Julian and his hard working team!

We are reposting this for your last minute election consideration! (This post has been updated.)

Julian’s experience and ability to understand his constituency have served us well. He is hard working and that is reflected in the number and importance of the bills he’s filed, the money he’s brought us, and understanding that to get things done, you occasionally have to reach across he aisle.

Julian works for everyone in our community, regardless of party.  That is so important in this current climate.

The Cape Cod Times gave him a glowing endorsement, including:

Cyr has also consistently favored an expansion of civil liberties, supporting measures that offer protection for pregnant women in the work force, medical leave for employees, raising the minimum wage, and common-sense firearms protections. He has also championed provisions designed specifically to protect the well-being of LGBTQ prisoners. In short, he has worked to ensure that those who may feel maligned or sidelined enjoy the same full spectrum of rights as anyone else.

Cyr has worked with us on legislation important to women, families, LGBTQ and people of all income levels.  He is considered a “Champion” in the Planned Parenthood ratings and earned that moniker while he was still serving his first term. He gets poor grades from the NRA and high grades for his environmental work.

He has worked with Sarah Peake to find solutions to the serious lack of affordable housing here on Cape Cod.  He knows how important work force housing is to keep our economy moving. He has worked to protect our environment and water, keep us safe, support our unique economy and protect the rights of all of his constituents.

The attacks against him during this campaign have been ugly, personal, and driven by a desperate Republican party who thinks that his first-term status makes him vulnerable. Because the only arguments they have against Senator Cyr are based in false rhetoric of fear and misrepresentation of his record and ideology, we won’t even mention his opponent’s name.

His list of accomplishments would take several pages.

in his first term, he has sponsored pages of legislation the legislation includes a wide variety of issues from civil rights to water protection, to helping our economy and several of those bills are co-sponsored by GOP counterparts.  According to the CCTimes:

It is easy to forget that state Sen. Julian Cyr, D-Truro, is only finishing up his freshman term on Beacon Hill. During the past two years, Cyr has taken on an outsized role in shaping the relationship between the Statehouse and Cape Cod.

(a stark contrast to first-term state representative Will Crocker’s minuscule record that shows a party-line, not a district-wide focus

Senator Cyr has supported every piece of legislation we have advocated for, sponsoring many of those bills, including the bill guaranteeing access to contraception, establishing a housing court on Cape Cod, workers’ pregnancy fairness act, just to name a few. Additionally here is a sample of some of the other bills he has sponsored:

  • Automatically registering eligible voters and enhancing safeguards against fraud (S373).
  • Same day voter registration (H2093)
  • Eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth (S641)
  • Promote housing and sustainable development (S81)
  • To establish a special commission to study the effects of coastal and ocean acidification and its existing and potential effects on species that are commercially harvested and grown along the Massachusetts (S410 )
  • To promote high-impact community investment (S1511)
  • Relative to procedures for motorcyclists at traffic-control signals utilizing vehicle detection devices that are operative due to the size of the motorcycle (H1917 )

He has been a champion for public safety officials, aggressively working to address the opioid abuse crisis and so much more. Pages of bills and legislation. These are the bills that were successful. An impressive record!

Julian Cyr is working hard for ALL of us.

We are lucky to have him.




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