Thank you Jack Stanton for a race well-run!

Update: Randy Hunt won reelection. Thank you Jack Stanton for all of your effort. We will watch for you in the future.

Randy Hunt votes against low-income families, LGBTQ and receives low grades from women’s organizations. Jack Stanton will work for ALL of us.

We are republishing this post with updates for your election consideration.

5th Barnstable District. (What district are you in? Check here)

Randy Hunt is not working for all of us, in fact there are many in our community he is working against. He has declared himself as anti-choice, applied for and received an endorsement from by MA Citizens for Life, has worked against protecting us from guns, protecting the rights of LGBT and against supporting low-income children.

Jack Stanton understands that a State Representative should represent ALL of their constituents not just a select few, has  clear understanding of the issues and with his high energy is ready to hit the ground running.

Hunt’s endorsement by MA Citizens’ for life is especially concerning as women’s rights are threatened now, more than ever, with the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). We need state legislators who will protect our rights to make difficult medical decisions without government interference or restrictions and protect the rights of LGBT and low-income families.

Randy Hunt receives low grades for women’s issues overall with Planned Parenthood calling him an “opponent” of women’s reproductive healthcare rights and access. See ratings for all local legislators here.

His votes and sponsorships on bills seemed to elude the Cape Cod Times, none were mentioned in their pieces about Hunt. These are a few from the most recent session:

  • Hunt voted to support “Gay Conversation Therapy” a cruel and archaic practice that uses  religious-based therapy  to try to change Gay and Lesbian minors to heterosexual. He voted against the bill to make this practice which studies show can cause serious damage, illegal. The bill was aptly titled, “Relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors” (H4664).
  • He voted against providing needed benefits, currently denied, to 5000 kids in this state. The legislature as a whole voted to “Lift the Cap on Kids” despite “No” votes that included all of our Cape Republican legislators. Gov. Baker used an amendment to defeat this effort which Hunt supported, and even after that amendment was overturned by the legislature, Baker filed a second amendment to kill it (H4823).

Most of the GOP legislators in MA, like our current Congress, want to remove “entitlements” for lower-income people, families, children and seniors in need. Most of those who accept entitlements and can work, are working. The cost of living in this state is high, and if we don’t offer support to lower-income people in MA, we will lose a valuable segment of our workforce and important members of our communities. Hunt’s vote signals he will join Charlie Baker in fighting benefits for low-income communities.

  • Hunt sponsored a bill that would require an ID to vote here in MA, the bill was co-sponsored by Vinny DeMacedo and Tim Whelan, the only three names on the bill. Anyone who has been following national news knows that this is part of a national effort to make it difficult for people who don’t drive or have passports etc to vote. There is no need for this, voter fraud is so rare in our current system.  But clearly voter suppression efforts are alive and well in MA. (S.374)

Guns. When it comes to protecting our safety, Hunt, like most legislators of both parties, supports our public safety workers. But he has not only opposed common sense gun legislation, his record on guns is a major concern for us:

  • He was one of the legislators who signed a letter opposing Maura Healey closing the loopholes that allowed the sale of assault weapons,  see the details and copy of the letter here.  This in itself would seem antithetical to “keeping us safe” as we watch our country cope with horrific mass murders using these weapons.

We need to know that our legislators are representing all of us, not just the NRA and  GOAL- their MA affiliate, religious anti-choice and anti-LGBT organizations, and the GOP.

Here is a simple graphic to help understand the differences between the two candidates.

fifth district


Know before you vote, how does your State Rep and State Senator rate on guns?

ELECTION: Know your elected officials’ records and endorsements





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