Thank you Steve!

Whelan won this election. Thank you to Steve and his hard-working team! We will continue to watch our state representative’s bill sponsorships and votes.

We are republishing this post with updates for your election consideration.

First Barnstable District. (What district are you in? Check here)

Steve Leibowitz has been involved in the political arena for years. He understands and supports the issues important to us. He will communicate with us, meet with us and work with us.  Tim Whelan has never been available to speak with us when we visit the state house and whenever there is an important issue that he won’t support, he simply does not respond to us. When a constituent contacts a legislator, support or opposition should be discussed. A legislator should represent ALL of his or her constituents.

In the most recent legislative session, Tim Whelan has voted against important legislation:

  • He voted against providing needed benefits currently denied, to 5000 kids in this state. The legislature as a whole voted to “Lift the Cap on Kids” despite “No” votes that included all of our Cape Republican legislators. The Governor used an amendment to defeat this effort, and even after that amendment was overturned by the legislature, he filed a second amendment to kill it. (H4823)

Most of the GOP legislators in MA, like our current Congress, want to remove “entitlements” for lower-income people, families, and seniors in need. Most of those who accept entitlements and can work, are working. The cost of living in this state is high, and if we don’t offer support to lower-income residents in MA, we will lose a valuable segment of our workforce and important members of our communities. Whelan’s vote signals he will join Charlie Baker in fighting entitlements for our low-income residents.

  • Whelan sponsored a bill that would require an ID to vote here in MA, the bill was co-sponsored by Vinny DeMacedo (S.374). Anyone who has been following national news knows that this is part of a national effort to make it difficult for people who don’t drive or have passports etc., to vote. There is no need for this, voter fraud is so rare in our current system.  But, clearly voter suppression efforts are alive and well in the MA Republican party.
  • He sponsored bills that would increase regulations on the sale of marijuana (H1053 and (H3202)

Guns. When it comes to protecting our safety, Whelan, like most legislators of both parties, supports our public safety workers. But he has not only opposed common sense gun legislation, his record on guns is a major concern for us:

  • He was one of the legislators who signed a letter opposing Maura Healey closing the loopholes that allowed the sale of assault weapons,  see the details and copy of the letter here.  This in itself would seem antithetical to “keeping us safe” as we watch our country cope with horrific mass murders using these weapons.
  • He also co-sponsored a bill to essentially allow duplicates of assault weapons to be permitted (S.1316) and a bill relaxing the prohibition against silencers and noise protection devices (H789).  These were key loopholes Maura Healey was able to close after being challenged in US Federal court. The case established national precedent regarding assault weapons and the second ammendment.
  • He cosponsored a bill that would allow guns in schools. This bill uses wedge language, that, if passed will be easier to allow other individuals to carry guns in schools. He also cosponsored a bill that would allow retired public safety officers to be automatically licensed to carry a gun without the standard certification process required by other citizens (H1248).

We need to know that our legislators are representing all of us, not just the NRA and their MA affiliate, GOAL and the Republican party.


Here is a simple graphic to help understand the differences between the two candidates.


district 1


Know before you vote, how does your State Rep and State Senator rate on guns?

ELECTION: Know your elected officials’ records and endorsements





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