Vinny deMacedo’s record reflects hard right positions are not representative of his district. Deb Rudolf is a better choice.

We are reposting this for your last minute election consideration (with updates.)

Viriato (Vinny) deMacedo’s record demonstrates that he is not representing us. He is not responsive to constituents who want to discuss legislation he won’t support. He is another example of a legislator who works for the right-wing of his party and narrow special interests.  He refuses to provide position on important issues to the legislative tracking site, “Vote Smart.” He would rather keep those to himself, he relies on most people not paying attention.

Deb Rudolf will represent all of us.  She is prepared, she listens and she understands there is a wider constituency than that limited to special interests.

deMacedo does not support a woman’s right to choose, women’s access to healthcare, is opposed to most gunsense legislation. He endorsed by MA Citizens for Life and considered an “opponent” of women’s rights and healthcare (see women’s issues ratings here) and gets excellent grades from the NRA/GOAL (see ratings here).

  • deMacedo was the ONLY state senator who did NOT support the bill to repeal archaic laws still on the books that make abortion illegal in MA (s2660).  Removing this archaic law from the books was critical as challenges to the federal laws that override this archaic law – established by Roe v. Wade are expected and we are all expect that law to be slowly eroded now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the bench.
  • His record shows votes in the minority against bills that ease access to healthcare for women and families.
  • deMacedo voted to support “Gay Conversation Therapy” an archaic practice that uses therapy, usually religious based, to try to change Gay and Lesbian minors to heterosexual (H4664).
  • He voted against a the bill that would prevent gender discrimination based on identity that passed, and is now on the ballot for repeal.  He does not support protecting transgender people in our communities.
  • deMacedo signed on to sponsor a bill with State Rep Tim Whelan and Will Crocker  that would allow guns in schools. This is a “wedge” bill – it introduces wedge language – once anyone but a police officer is allowed to carry a gun in a school, it is easier expand those who are permitted guns in schools. These bills are filed for the NRA in states where the NRA seeks to relax gun laws.
  • He was one of the legislators who signed a letter opposing Maura Healey closing the loopholes that allowed the sale of assault weapons,  see the details and copy of the letter here.  This in itself would seem antithetical to “keeping us safe” as we watch our country cope with horrific mass murders using these weapons.

This sample of his record should show us that he is working for just a segment of his district, not all of us.

Deb Rudolf is interested in representing ALL of the people in the district.

She is a better choice for the everyone in the district.

ELECTION: Know your elected officials’ records and endorsements

Information about the candidates we support in this election

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