Questions 1 and 2, a no-brainer and a bit of controversy

We are reposting this for your last minute election consideration. (updated)

There are three questions on the ballot this year.  We urge everyone to vote YES on question #3,  more about that here.


Starting with Question 2, which should be a no-brainer.  Should we do whatever possible to take corporate money out of campaigns? YES!

A YES vote supports the creation of a commission of citizens to study and report on MA supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United.   According to a article:

Question 2 aims to effectively address two issues: the ability of government to limit political spending, which the Supreme Court previously ruled is a protected form of free speech, and whether those rights are extended to corporations and other artificial entities, as was decided in Citizens United.

Read the full article here.




Should there be patient limits on nurses … or should the nurse to patient ratio be established?

We know this is a controversial vote, we’ve witnessed discussions on our Facebook page.

You may disagree with our position, if that’s the case and you are someone who follows, supports, participates with us, it’s probably one of the few things we will disagree about.

We encourage people to vote YES on Question 1.

We’ve seen all the ads, and are concerned about the efforts from hospitals and administrations to kill the measure.

We have two nurses on our leadership team who wholeheartedly support this question and have shared experiences about overwhelmed nurses at hospitals. We’ve also heard from many nurses who shared personal experiences.  Some of us have watched nurses try over several legislative sessions to find some sort of relief via legislation, but they run up against powerful hospital organizations who fight these measures at the state legislative level. We’ve all watched nurses work hard to collect signatures to get this on the ballot.

We’ve heard about a potential shortage of nurses as nurses retire or chose different positions because they are overwhelmed in hospitals.

We are suspicious of claims made by hospitals, knowing about such high rates of pay at hospital management levels.

Update: We shared this post on our Facebook page today and encourage you to read it. 

One personal story from our leadership group who experienced these issues as a patient during a stay at a hospital, in a room adjacent to the nurses station:

A patient was brought in who was suicidal with some sort of medical issue, and was screaming and yelling.  The patient needed to be watched at all times – needed a one-on-one nurse. Staff was not able to get approval for a one-on-one, or any extra coverage. The entire night, nurses were overwhelmed dealing with this patient who needed special attention, and the needs of the patients on the rest of the floor. And, because of the noise, most patients on the floor got little sleep that night.

We urge a YES vote on question 1

For more information about voting yes on question 1:


So make it easy …






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