Summary and information from our event, ‘Women’s Voice Matter’ with the ACLU and NARAL


We have been lucky to have Kit Irwin a graphic recorder ( ) taking graphic notes for us during our meetings!



Thank you to all of you who came to our event Thursday!

Even if you couldn’t make it, this follow-up information is important.

Follow-up and Summary:
We began the evening with a one-hour opportunity to meet some of the candidates who are running for state and county offices representing Cape Cod. Our incumbents were in formal session and could not break away.

These are the candidates who attended our event:

We also had representatives from:

Both of our speakers were energetic and informative. Both talked about how important it is to contact our elected officials. They work for us and they need us to tell them what issues we, as individuals, support.  They also encouraged any of us who are passionate about issues to run for office and, or support those who run for office against any legislator who is not actually representing us. None of these incumbents should be without a challenger.

Whitney Taylor, Political Director of the ACLU MA

Gena Frank NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts’ Legislative and Political Director

  • Reminded us that we are still fighting for our right to choose here in MA. There are laws on the books in MA that forbid abortions that are simply superseded by the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade. It is one of the laws that we are still advocating to change this year – suppose the SJC overturns Roe? – the MA house has until the end of July to vote on this. This is a pdf that explains it and this is where you can find more info on their website. After we are finished advocating for budget items this week, we will do a major push about this law.
  • Talked about the fake abortion clinics-crisis pregnancy clinics – some here on Cape Cod, that have no medical certifications or intentions, they just want to talk women out of abortions. There are no actual abortion clinics on Cape Cod.
  • Talked about the lack of a standard curriculum for sex-ed in MA and a proposed law that will establish a curriculum for schools that decide to teach sex-ed. We have been advocating for that bill which has to be voted by JULY 31:

BALLOT QUESTION ALERT: Both women also talked about the ballot question that would reverse the bill passed last year designed to protect the rights of transgender people. It is worded in a way that is confusing and could take these rights away.  Vote YES to uphold the law that would protect transgender people in MA. This group is advocating to keep these rights:

Other information discussed:


Save the date: June 30, PROTEST Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy and our own Sheriff’s plan to become an arm of ICE – June 30 in DC and on Cape Cod





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