Update- this did NOT PASS. Our state is now supporting sheriffs who Call to Action, Time-sensitive! PROTECT IMMIGRANTS IN MA: Quick and easy action you can take to protect immigrants in MA

At our event Thursday, Whitney Taylor Political Director of the ACLU MA, talked about this budget amendment and explained how this would prevent the Barnstable County Sheriff from becoming an arm of ICE. This amendment has passed the MA Senate but must get through the house. The budget has to be voted on by the end of this week!

PLEASE TAKE ACTION, send an email or make a phone call.

Read our latest letter of support sent to our reps regarding this issue for an example of how to word your request.

Here is the full call from Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition (includes additional info from us in italics):

1. Get on the phone! (You can also send an email if you are not comfortable making a call) We’re making calls (and sending emails) to individual Reps – here is a list of Cape Cod legislators emails and full contact information,  if you are not from Cape Cod, find yours at http://malegislature.gov/search/findmylegislator and, if you have another 2 minutes, Governor Baker (617-725-4005) email . If you already called, call again! Sample call scripts below.

The message: Family separations aren’t just a crisis at the border. Here in Massachusetts, kids are losing their parents to ICE all the time – and far too often, it’s contact with police that leads to their detention. So what is the House going to do about this? The Senate included basic protections for immigrants in the 2019 state budget; we need Reps to talk to Speaker DeLeo and make sure the final budget includes the Senate provisions.

You may want to emphasize one provision in particular: to keep police from asking people about their immigration status. This is crucial to 1) assure immigrants that they can safely call 911 and report crimes, and 2) discourage racial profiling of people who “look foreign” and/or speak a foreign language.

You can also send an email; if you do, you may want to share this Boston Globe editorial, or this heart-wrenching ACLU video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NlQpblIfAc.

2. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, keep hitting your legislators with calls to action. We’ve created a social media toolkit with sample posts and lots of colorful artwork for you to choose from; it’s all here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sfQn-EafU0hPy-aTQwwYIrPOta0pKdce.

We’re also doing a Thunderclap for Thursday at noon. We need 100 accounts to join, all of which will tweet the same post at once. Please sign up, but also keep tweeting all week!

3. Wednesday, we’re having Lobby Day #4. We need representatives of organizations to join us for another lobby day from 11 am to 1 pm. Meet at 11 am in Room 109 for materials and lobbying targets (2 right turns after security at Beacon Street entrance). If you are unaffiliated with an organization, team up with others who are, or visit your own Rep! RSVP to Charlotte Boghossian at cboghossian@charlesgroupconsulting.com with subject line: SCA Lobby Day June 27.

4. Massive rally on Saturday, June 30: So Donald Trump may have thought last week’s executive order would end all the outrage about family separations, but apparently Americans have eyes, ears and working brains – so on Saturday, there’s a nationwide day of action, including a massive rally in Boston and several smaller events, (See info on protests on Cape Cod here: Save the date: June 30, PROTEST Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy and our own Sheriff’s plan to become an arm of ICE – June 30 in DC and on Cape Cod  OR find one close to you here). SCA Coalition members are closely involved in the preparations.

We’ll be working to connect the border crisis with our own campaign to protect families in Massachusetts. We expect by Saturday it’ll be too late to hand out postcards, but we’ll make flyers late in the week with timely calls to action.

See you at the State House!

On behalf of the SCA Steering Committee,
– Amy & Marion

Sample call script for your Rep:

Hi, my name is ____________ and I live in [city/town]. I’m calling because I’m shocked and heartbroken by what’s happening to immigrant families – not just at the border, but in Massachusetts. The Trump administration is tearing parents and children apart just to send a message, and I think that’s immoral.

I want to know what Rep. [ name ] is doing about it. I know you haven’t passed the Safe Communities Act, and even though the Senate included basic protections for immigrants in the 2019 state budget, the House seems to be dragging its feet, and we’re almost out of time.

Will you commit to fighting to ensure those immigrant protections make it into the final budget? These protections are found in the Senate budget as amendment #1147.  I’m counting on you. Thank you!

The ACLU has a form option to send a message to your legislator here if you don’t want to send a personal email.

Sample call script for Governor Baker:

Hi, my name is ____________ and I live in [city/town]. I’m calling because I’m shocked and heartbroken by what’s happening to immigrant families – not just at the border, but in Massachusetts. The Trump administration is tearing parents and children apart just to send a message, and I think that’s immoral.

I’m glad Governor Baker isn’t sending a National Guard helicopter to the border anymore, but why is he still threatening to veto basic protections for immigrants in the 2019 state budget? I know he’s said that he doesn’t want to limit communication between police and ICE, but none of these provisions does that.

Can you please ask the Governor to reconsider his position? Immigrant families need our support, and with his leadership, we can actually make a difference here in Massachusetts. Thank you!

Media coverage of Wednesday’s rally at the Statehouse that drew hundreds more than expected!

Big thanks to the core team who jumped in when we realized the event was becoming huge, and helped us keep it relatively chaos-free. And thanks to all of you who came and made your voices heard! Media coverage:

Note: This is a sampling !

Activists flood State House in Boston to protest family separations
The Boston Globe, June 20, 2018

Hundreds rally at Massachusetts Statehouse against Trump family separation immigration policy
MassLive, June 20, 2018

Cientos de manifiestan contra la política migratoria
Telemundo Boston, June 20, 2018

Family separations spur massive rally, Trump issues new order
State House News Service (multiple outlets), June 20, 2018

Immigrants are welcome here.’ Hundreds in Boston protest family separation policy
WCVB (ABC5), June 20, 2018

Protesters at State House: ‘Immigrants are welcome here’
NECN / NBC10, June 20, 2018

Rally held for immigrant protections
BNN News, June 20, 2018

Protester urges lawmakers to protect immigrants and their families
NECN / NBC10, June 20, 2018

‘Stop Trump’s child concentration camps’: MA State House rally to protect immigrants
Wonderland, June 20, 2018

Protestan contra política de inmigración en la Casa Estatal de Massachusetts
Telemundo Boston, June 20, 2018


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