PROTEST Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy and our own Sheriff’s plan to become an arm of ICE – June 30 in DC and on Cape Cod – updated with locations.

Despite Trump’s *executive order Wednesday, somewhere between 2000-3000 children are still being held in detention centers and there is no plan to reunify them. The order applies to new immigrant cases.  There are children who are being held, whose parents have been deported. How will they be reunited with their parents? Will they?

Trump’s order keeps families together, but does not change the zero tolerance policy that means anyone who enters the country and is not legal – even asylum seekers – will be prosecuted. And, the EO states that even though families will be kept together, Health and Human Services (HHS) will no longer be caring for families, the responsibility goes to the military.

Additionally, the Barnstable County Sheriff is planning to operate as an arm of ICE. This can’t happen in our backyard! This can be stopped. Make calls or send emails! See our calls to action here: Call to Action, Time-sensitive! PROTECT IMMIGRANTS IN MA: Quick and easy action you can take to protect immigrants in MA

Plans for national protests continue. We will post on our website and Facebook as more as we learn details.  What we know so far:

  • There is a protest in Washington DC, Saturday, June 30 at 11 a.m. in Lafayette Square,
  • There will be sister protests all over the Cape on the same day from 11am – 1 pm: CAPE-WIDE PROTEST VENUES*
    • Barnstable (County Courthouse 3915 Main St/Rt. 6A and sidewalk at Unitarian Church of Barnstable, 3330 Main St/Rt. 6A)
    • Bourne (Bourne Bridge Rotary, Cape Cod side)
    • Brewster (1st Parish Brewster UU Church, 1969 Main St/Rt 6A)
    • Chatham (Town Hall, 549 Main St)
    • Dennis (Town Hall complex, 90 Bob Crowell Rd @ Rt 134 int.)
    • Eastham (Windmill Green, 2515 State Highway)
    • Falmouth (Village Green, W. Main St)
    • Harwich (Rt. 137@ Exit 11 eastb’d ramp, at town welcome sign)
    • Hyannis (Public green, 545 Iyanough Rt 132/Rt 28 intersection, near rotary. Please park off of Hinkley Rd, or Nightingale lane – or even Christmas Tree Shop or Bed Bath and Beyond. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS RT 28 OR 132 BY FOOT )
    • Mashpee (Mashpee Rotary)
    • Orleans (perimeter green spaces, Orleans/Eastham Rotary, Rt 6)
    • Provincetown (Town Hall, 260 Commercial St)
    • Truro (No. Truro Green near Atlantic Spice, 2 Shore Rd./6A)
    • Wellfleet (just south of P.O/W.H.A.T. Theatre, 2357 Rt. 6 and Town Hall, Main St)

*More protests will be occurring Cape-wide.

Visit to sign up for an event in your area.

Here is an update pdf version of a flyer with details – also posted below as a jpg. Please copy and use any of the graphics posted.

BRING PROTEST SIGNS! Reunite Families! Abolish I.C.E! Have You Seen My Dad (Mom)? Where are the Girls & Infants? Stop Terrorizing Children! No ICE on Cape Cod! or as the spirit moves you.

*Trump’s executive order does not apply to the children already in custody, or whose parents have been deported. It does not 1 end “Zero Tolerance” meaning even if a family is seeking asylum they will be prosecuted. It allows for indefinite  internment on US military bases and –  sneaky sneaky – seeks to modify the Flores court decision that ruled kids can’t be detained for 20+ days.

FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER -Updated. 6.24 - 10PM-1.jpg

neighborhoods cropped-1

Families Belong Together FB 2.png


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