Help Campaign for Maura Healey and Elizabeth Warren this Saturday 6/16

Would you like to help both the Maura Healey and Elizabeth Warren campaigns at one time?

Join a group of campaign canvassers in Yarmouth this Saturday, June 16.

Meet at 10am at the Stop and Shop parking lot on Station ave off of exit 8.

If you are interested or want more information contact Sandy Milano:

Both women are working hard for us. Maura Healey recently closed a loophole in MA gun laws that allowed people to buy copy-cat assault weapons. The NRA filed a case opposing her enforcement of the laws and they lost. The case set national precedent.
See our post here: The NRA filed a lawsuit against Maura Healey and the MA assault weapon ban; the judge found in favor of US

Elizabeth Warren has been challenging the Trump administration as often as she is able. We need her leadership as our US Senator.  This is a video of her questioning Betsy DeVos during DeVos’s confirmation hearing. This hearing should have killed DeVos’s nomination, but the republican controlled senate appointed her.

Help these women continue to represent us!



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