Action Needed: Contact your US Senator -tell them not to confirm Wendy Vitter, pro-life extremist, to be lifetime fed court judge. They vote this week!

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This article is a quick and easy read about who she is: Trump Judicial Pick Promoted Idea Birth Control Gets Women Killed   Wendy Vitter made headlines by refusing to answer if Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark desegregation case, was decided properly. The real scandal is her abortion beliefs.

From NARAL Prochoice:

Stop this anti-choice extremist from getting a lifetime appointment as a federal judge!

Wendy Vitter’s extremist views, anti-choice record, and flagrant disregard for our freedoms and rights proves that she cannot and would not be a fair-minded and unbiased federal judge.

Vitter’s troubling record includes:

  • Making numerous inflammatory and factually-incorrect statements about reproductive freedom including tying birth control pills to “violent death.”
  • Praising Texas’ egregious laws designed to shut down clinics—which were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
  • Claiming that Planned Parenthood kills 150,000 women a year, with no evidence to stake her claims.

Federal judges get lifetime appointments—which means if Vitter is confirmed, she will have the power to shape U.S. law and our reproductive rights for years to come. But her confirmation isn’t final just yet: we have the power to stop this anti-choice extremist nominee from getting a lifetime appointment.

Demand your senators call for the withdrawal of Wendy Vitter’s nomination

You can also use NARAL’s form submission here,  to send a message.


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