Did you attend a ‘March for Our Lives’ event? Share your experience with us. And, what’s next?

Did you attend a #MarchforOurLives event? We invite you to share your experiences and feedback in comments here, by messenger on our Facebook page, or email and we will share them here on our website.

Photo Albums (will be updated if new photos are shared):

Hyannis     —   Falmouth —  Photos from around the country/world




We have a series of posts coming that will provide you with information about:

  • Pending gun legislation that needs your voice
  • Identifying legislators who are sponsoring pro-gun legislation
  • Ratings our legislators at all levels get from gun lobby groups and why.

It’s time this national conversation comes home to our own representation.  Stay-tuned.  We’ve been doing the research.

In addition to guns legislation, we need to look at the decisions our legislators make that often go under the radar, unreported.  What bills do they sponsor? How do they vote on bills that impact women?  These voting records are not always easy to get, but we will get them and between now and our elections, giving you information you need to get out and vote – for people who will represent YOU.

Stay tuned. Watch this space.


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