Boycott the NRA, who to contact and how

The move to boycott the NRA has really taken off. It is one of the ways we can take action to change the control this organization has over our government and the GOP.

As more people contact companies to tell them they will not use their products and services, more are retracting their support for the NRA.

If you want to get involved it’s really simple.

This is the most comprehensive list of companies that support the NRA, and all contact information needed – a lot of work has been and is being done to provide all the information you need. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see which category of support each company is in.

This article includes a list of companies that offer discounts to NRA members and it is this list that has gotten a lot of national media attention. The contact information for these companies can be found in the list above.  HOWEVER, This article only lists those companies that give discounts to members.  Let’s go after ALL businesses who support the NRA and enable them to buy our legislators.

UPDATE NEW: Thinkprogress has added a list of all banks who support the NRA:

Use their social media platforms to publicly call them out, post on their Facebook pages, tweet them public messages, use the hashtag #BoycottNRA.  If they have a email addresses send them a message.  Encourage others to do the same. Share this post with friends and with your networks. Let’s get the word out. 

Your message to these companies is simple, remove your financial support, stop doing business with the NRA,  or I will stop doing business with you.  

Remind them about how the NRA has pushed their agenda on our government by spending money and using influence over GOP lawmakers. Remind them that our country has made it possible for madmen to legally acquire a weapon of war and use it to kill innocent people in the places they should feel safe.

Share these pictures. We have to put a stop to the influence and control the NRA has over our government.  And, come November, vote. Let’s flip our congress blue and put an end to this madness.

For a collection of all of our posts about gun legislation, our own legislators efforts, some in support of the NRA, see our page: Guns.

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