The Safe Communities Act is stuck in committee and will die there, without ever making it to the floor for a legislative vote if the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security doesn’t act by FEBRUARY 7.  This would mean the people we elect to serve us in the state legislature would not have the opportunity to REPRESENT us.

Furthermore, Cape Cod has now become more anti-immigrant, as our own sheriff has now agreed to take money from the federal government to make his deputies extensions of ICE.

We must speak up and speak out!

We’ve been asking you to contact members of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to urge them to vote this bill out of committee; on Wednesday 1/31 we asked you to join groups around the commonwealth urging us to call our own legislators for a call-in day.

We don’t want this effort to end after one day. We elect legislators to represent us. Some legislators believe they should only work for the people who voted for them. We will keep track of those legislators for the coming election. Some legislators refuse to answer constituents when they ask for their position. If enough legislators respond to our calls and contact the committee to insist they be given the opportunity to vote on this bill, the chances are better it will be voted out of committee.

This is the suggested script:

“HI; I am calling from ________ to ask REP.___/SEN.___ to write to the Chairs of the Public Safety/Homeland Security committee to urge that the Safe Communities Act be favorably reported out before the Feb. 7 deadline.

The power and political influence of our local sheriffs here in MA is frightening. We must insist that humanity be the priority,  not politics – not just here in our area, but across Massachusetts.

If you are uncomfortable making call, our contact information  also has email addresses for our legislators.

This post gives you all of the background and facts about the Safe Community Act and information about emailing the committee that has yet to vote it out and onto the floor of the legislature.

This is a downloadable fact-sheet you can share.

And, as always – let us know what your legislator says either by email: or by leaving a comment on this post.

WHO ARE WE HERE IN MA? ARE WE AS ANTI-IMMIGRANT AS OUR CURRENT WHITE HOUSE? Let’s tell our legislators that we believe in the American Dream.


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