2018 Midterm Election Information

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This is the most important mid-term election in decades.  After several years of working on local, state, and national issues advocacy, we have determined that the only way we can protect the rights and protections of women, children, families, is to vote for Democrats – UP and DOWN the ballot.

Women’s rights are under attack, and now, more than ever with the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, we need to rely on our state and local elected officials to protect our rights.  Over the years we have learned that our local GOP elected legislators work against the issues we believe are important.

Thus, we believe the only way to protect our rights and access to services is to vote only for Democrats.

We encourage you to consider the information we’ve provided in the past as well as our more recent posts.

Information about the candidates we support in this election

Please vote YES on Question 3, Protect Transgender Rights.

Will Crocker has filed bills and voted against women, families and LGBTQ, Paul Cusack will actually represent us!

Why Ron Bergstrom is a better choice for Barnstable County Commissioner

Does your state legislator support or oppose legislation that benefits women? These are Cape & Islands Senators’ and House Reps’ grades and endorsements regarding women’s issues

Plymouth Districts’ Senators’ and House Reps’ ratings and grades on women’s issues

GUNS: Action and Information

Cape Cod’s State Senator and State Rep’s NRA and gun groups grades and endorsements

Plymouth Districts Senators and House Reps with good ratings and endorsements from the NRA

These are the MA legislators who signed a letter opposing AGs decision to enforce laws banning assault weapons

Did you know 2 Cape and 4 Plymouth district state reps are trying to put guns in schools?

2018 Midterm Election Information