JOIN US for an Emerge Workshop! Run for office, organize in your community or just get involved.

JOIN US! WANTED: Women who want to learn about becoming active and involved. 

Cape Cod Women for Change is hosting an Emerge workshop September 30, from 10-1pm at the Falmouth Public Library (in the Hermann Room – downstairs) 300 Main Street, Falmouth, MA 02540 (see map.)  Register here, or on the Emerge website.

This workshop is for Democratic and progressive women who are interested in becoming leaders, organizers and/or candidates in their community.

Emerge designs these workshop to help women interested in running for political office, working on a campaign, playing a role in local government, organizing and/or getting more involved with issues and advocacy.

A panel and discussion facilitated by the director of Emerge Massachusetts will feature some of the Cape’s established women leaders, and training segments on what it takes to run a successful campaign, how to get involved in local and state government, and how to advocate on the issues that matter to you.

This workshop is an excellent way for women to explore what it takes to get involved, to speak up and speak out.  Whether you are ready to run for office any level of government, are interested in serving on local town committees, or just want to get a sense of what it takes to get involved and organize, don’t miss this opportunity!

Emerge is well-known for their specialized training for Democratic and progressive women who want to run for political office. They believe that as more women become community and legislative leaders, government, policies and legislation that impact women and children will become priority.

For more information contact Tina Games at 703-402-2226 or email at

Please share this invitation with other women who might be interested.


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