CALL TO ACTION! SAVE healthcare, STOP Trumpcare, what YOU can do NOW

What is going on in our government right now is atrocious. Thirteen white male U.S. senators are crafting legislation that will impact all of us (and will effect 1/6 of the US economy) in secret, behind closed doors.  Mitch McConnell is going to allow this bill to go to a vote NEXT WEEK without ANY public hearings, and will manipulate rules to prevent any amendments.

Bits and pieces of that legislation are trickling out, and it’s not looking any better than the plan the house passed a couple of months ago. Good article from NPR on the known details.

We must speak up and speak out NOW!! Start by contacting your own Senator, and then contact the Senators identified as vulnerable, who risk losing their seats if they support this bill.

From the National Indivisible team:

If you have a Republican Senator, you need to demand a no on Trumpcare. And if you have a Democratic Senator, you need to ask them to promise to do everything humanly possible to stop this dumb, half-baked, cruel bill. They need to hear us.

Congressional staff tell us that fewer people are calling to voice their concern. That’s not acceptable. The people who want this bill to pass, the people who want to take this country backwards—think our movement is a mile wide and an inch deep. They think you’ll lose interest, get tired, care enough to tweet but not to fight. We have to prove them wrong right now.

Contact your Senators – this is a list of all Senators and contact info.  Phone calls are best, emails second best.

In MA:

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren – Phone: (202) 224-4543,   Email Form.
  • Senator Ed Markey – Phone: 202-224-2742, Email Form

What do you say to Democratic senators?
Well it can be as simple as “Thank you for opposing the AHCA and please do all you can to stop it.”  Or if you want to encourage procedures to stop the process, this page gives more detailed scripts.

Republican Senators in vulnerable districts (Hillary won their district in 2016, some are up for re-election in 2018, all risk losing their seats in their next election.) These are the Senators Indivisible tells us to focus on: Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Dean Heller (NV), Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Bill Cassidy (LA), Rob Portman (OH), Tom Cotton (AR), Cory Gardner (CO), Jeff Flake (AZ), Pat Toomey (PA) and Dan Sullivan (AK).

Do you have Facebook friends in these states? There is a way to find out for sure.  This page done by an Indivisible group in MD, has a cool tool helps you find Facebook friends in those states and gives you information to help your friends contact these Senators and urge them to vote against this bill.

This page has scripts for Republican senators.

IMPORTANT! This page also gives you a direct email link to these vulnerable senators’ healthcare staffers – send a message of your own! Remind them that while they represent their states, they are working for the whole country.  Call if you feel the urge. And, you might remind them that we will all work, from all over the country, to support their opponents in their next election.  The GA and SC races weren’t won last night, but they were much closer – single digits –  than 2016 and there is a national momentum that will grow if this bill is passed.

As always let us know you made contact – and if you got a response, share it – leave us a message in comments here, or on the post on our Facebook page (this post will be shared on our Facebook page Wed by noon.)

Did you know, The process to pass the ACA (Obamacare) was lengthy, thorough and transparent while Trumpcare has been rushed, negotiated in backrooms, without input from experts, stakeholders, or the public?

  • In the House, the ACA received 79 hearings with 181 witnesses and 121 amendments. Trumpcare received literally zero hearings and zero witnesses and no substantive amendments to the actual legislation were accepted in committee.
  • The ACA took over a year to pass. Republicans first tried to pass Trumpcare 17 days after revealing it, now the Senate Majority Leader (McConnell) will allow just one week.

Here are some graphics to share:





DC5FGbNVoAERNSU.jpg large.jpg


THESE ARE SIZED/SCALED TO PRINT AS 4×6 POSTCARDS AS WELL AS MEMES. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PRINT,  WE JUST ASK YOU LEAVE THE ATTRIBUTION TO CAPECODWOMENFORCHANGE.COM (at some point we may start selling postcards – we have a lot of designs – to help pay for all of this!)

IT’S UP TO US! Women are making a difference.  There is an awakening and the momentum will continue to grow. It’s exponential. Talk to your friends and family, tell them to talk to their friends and so on. Women talk to each other about issues that are important to us all. We care.


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