Leadership Opportunities: Barnstable Boards and Committees

Our Sister Per-Sisters at the Cape Women’s Coalition keep a great resource for women who are interested in leadership positions in their towns. This page includes links in each town where you can find lists of boards and committees,  and applications to serve on those committees. If you have a talent or background that would match talents and backgrounds needed for these seats, consider applying! The CWC is also holding monthly breakfasts for women interested in running for local office, serve on local boards and committees or help women with campaigns. Read more and sign-up on this page.

We will also hold a information forum with Emerge Massachusetts in May – more on that coming.  For information about Emerge, an organization that trains and supports Democratic women running for office visit their national website: http://www.emergeamerica.org/

As Cape Cod Women for Change, we want to remind you that several towns on the Cape have elected leaderships that lean to the right.  That often results in fewer projects that benefit women and those who may be struggling to find a place to live, smaller budgets for human services etc. and more commercial and full-rate residential developments.   Some of the  boards that need more women to help rectify these conditions are planning boards, zoning boards of appeal, housing and community preservation act boards.

If you live in the Town of Barnstable, the town manager’s e-newsletter includes board and committee vacancies in their emailed newsletter.  Sign-up for that here.  Below is the list of vacancies from Friday.  If you know a woman whose background might match these positions, encourage her to apply!

As of 3/31/2017

Barnstable Residents become involved in your town’s government, apply for a position on a board, committee or commission The Town of Barnstable has over 40 boards, committees, and

commissions with approximately 291 seats. Our citizen participation is exemplary and the Town Council appreciates each and every member who serves.

If you are a resident of Barnstable and are interested, please consider submitting an application. The Appointments Committee, made up of five Town Councilors, will interview applicants and make recommendations to the Town Council who vote to appoint members at their regular meetings.

Town Council Committee Appointment Opportunities:

  1. Agricultural Commission / 4 members
  2. Board of Assessors  / 1 member
  3. Community Preservation Committee /1 member Planning Board rep (apparently need to be a member of planning board, but worth a call)
  4. Disability Commission 5 members
  5. Economic Development Commission/ 2 members
  6. Housing Committee/1 member
  7. Human Services Committee / 1 member a representative member
  8. Hyannis Main Street Waterfront Historic District Committee/4 members 1 alternate and an Historical Commission representative member
  9. Jane Eshbaugh Community Services Award / 1 member
  10. Old King’s Highway Historic District Commission / 1 member an alternate
  11. Personnel Board / 2 members
  12. Recreation Commission / 1 member
  13. Renewable Energy Commission / 4 members
  14. Water Quality Commission / 3 members
  15. Youth Commission / 3 members
  16. Zoning Board of Appeals / 1 member

If you are a resident and registered to vote in the Town of Barnstable and are interested in serving on a board or committee,  please visit our webpage linked from the town website and fill out the application: http://www.townofbarnstable.us/towncouncil/committeeapp.pdf  , for a more detailed description and responsibilities of the committees listed please contact the Town Council office: council@town.barnstable.ma.us or phone 508-862-4738 for more information.


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