Helpful resources and background on the GOP’s efforts to ‘Repeal and Replace’ the ACA (Obamacare)

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So far, different aspects of this bill have passed through two committees in the house, with little fanfare and without the numbers that revealed the true costs that were released by the GOP-lead Congressional Budget Office.  If there is more information we will create a page and add to it.

Moveon held an organizers call recently with over 40 thousand people. We look at advocacy exponentially – so we know that each of those people were representing their own groups, and the members of those groups represent friends and family.  Both Moveon and Indivisible have both supplied important information that helps to illustrate the issue, and if you can take the time, will help you learn more and become that person with inarguable facts!

A note, have you heard how often Republicans who are trying to defend this bill, including Trump’s Health and Human Services cabinet pick, Tom Price, use the word ACCESS to HEALTHCARE. The key word here is ACCESS. As they speak over their interviewers they shout that more people will have ACCESS to healthcare. Access is different from HAVING or being able to AFFORD healthcare.  The bottom line is, we all have ACCESS to an around-the-world cruise, but most of us can’t AFFORD one.  Think about that the next time you hear a GOP congressman/woman spout about this bill.

Furthermore, this bill includes liberal tax cuts for the wealthiest among us, while increasing costs for those of us who provide them with profits.


From PBS News Hour: Beyond the top-line numbers, what else was in CBO’s report on new health care bill? This article is excellent, easy-to-read and understand. The information here really makes you wonder how so many who claim to be religious   It explains the CBO’s analysis – basically the estimates of who would lose healthcare, what the increases would be and who benefits.

From Indivisible:

What is the Congressional Budget Office?  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is Congress’s referee. Until we, as citizens, see the CBO estimate of a bill, we only have politicians’ talking points to go by to judge a bill’s impact. When politicians make big, false claims about their policies, we must turn to independent analysts, like the CBO, to demonstrate the truth.
Regular Order in Congress: While following the normal legislative process might seem pretty straightforward, and like something we should all get behind, the truth is some Republicans are interpreting regular order in an undemocratic way in order to fast track harmful legislative priorities, and as cover for abandoning the basic principle of transparency.

True Costs of Repeal: Plans to Repeal the Affordable Care Act Will Harm Every Congressional District:  A memo from the Democratic staff of the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on the impact of the potential ACA repeal on each of the 435 congressional districts and the District of Columbia.

The analysis found: (1) all congressional districts and the District of Columbia have seen reductions in their uninsured rates since the ACA was implemented, with an average reduction of 5.4 percent age points; (2) on average, 396,200 individuals with employer-sponsored insurance in each congressional district are at risk of losing important consumer protections if the ACA is repealed, and could be subject to a new tax on employer-sponsored insurance that would amount to the largest middle
-class tax hike in the last 50 years; and (3) on average, 360,200 individuals in each congressional district stand to lose access to free preventive care if the ACA is repealed.

Legislative Process 101 – House of Representatives Committee Action The legislative process can be really confusing, so we put this document together to pass on our knowledge and help you understand the process better.
Response to Repeal and Replace Talking Points:   Talking points in hand, Republicans think they’re ready for your tough ACA questions. They’re going to try to tell you that the ACA is a failure (it isn’t!), and that their plan is better (lol, what plan?). Here are their talking points, and a few suggested responses from the Indivisible Team.

Annotated GOP ACA Talking Points  As members of congress prepare to head back to their home districts for recess week, Speaker Ryan decided to send them all some talking points on the ACA to help them out during their town halls and public events. But Speaker Ryan and his staff forgot to fact check those documents, so we fixed it for them.


Thirty-one states have increased enrollment since expanding medicare – 16 of those states have republican governors who will have to allow their voters to lose coverage, or fund the losses themselves, from the NYT:

Under Obamacare, 31 states and the District of Columbia expanded Medicaid to cover adults whose income was at or below 138 percent of the poverty line, covering millions of low-income Americans who previously found it difficult to afford insurance.

CBO report: 24 million fewer insured by 2026 under GOP health

Every single false Republican criticism of Obamacare applies …

President Trump helped write embattled Obamacare replacement bill, Speaker Ryan says as he defends plan

Naked Class Interests: The Battle To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

Doctors, hospitals and insurers oppose Republican health plan

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