*UPDATE 3/21* CALL TO ACTION: Save healthcare or yes, people will die, unnecessarily

Please make your calls today.  We must tell our congressmen/women to vote against this legislation!  Democrat or Republican, as shared here, Democrats report they aren’t hearing from us; they ALL need to hear from us!

3/21 – House Republicans who are faltering in support of this bill met with Trump today when he visited Capital Hill to twist arms. Some say he encouraged them, others told reporters he threatened them. Regardless, there is pressure to pass this bill.  There are compromises taking place, but these compromises are more to assuage those on the far right, it would mean an even worse bill for the people who need healthcare the most.  Regardless of who reports to be against this bill, we have to expect they will pull this off. Only half of those who’ve stated opposition change their minds, we will lost this battle.

Call your congressman/women – and just as important, please contact friends and relatives in other states, especially those with GOP representatives and share this post (even more if their rep is on the list below) The information here is real. The analysis are not fake news. We will all lose and only the wealthiest among us, win.

3/17 – House is now planning to vote earlier than originally expected – the plan is to vote late Thursday night.  Even though rumors are there is not enough votes, that is what was said about each committee this bill has PASSED.  We MUST NOT be complacent, we can’t assume this bill is dead. Furthermore if this gets to the Senate, they will negotiate, they won’t simply kill this bill. Many objections from Republicans are that it doesn’t eliminate ENOUGH entitlements, they want more or even all services to poor and middle class – removed.

Please read this call to action and CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN/WOMEN! (details below.)

Anyone who participates in some of the larger resistance organizations active nationwide, knows that we are now up against the clock, the healthcare bill is being pushed through committees and we lose something with each vote.

Despite a sort of withering enthusiasm on Capital Hill and in the White House today, this bill is still up for a vote – if there are pieces negotiated, and it passes, most of us lose.

During a recent conference call hosted by Moveon (with over 40,000 people who lead groups like this one listening) an important point was made.

The question is one many of us in a “blue” state are asking, if we are only to contact our Democratic Congressmen/women and Senators, well, why bother?

Turns out, the word is on the hill, Democratic Representatives and Senators in Washington are NOT HEARING FROM US. They need our feedback! If your member of congress gets a lot of calls, they can say that XXX thousands of people have contacted me about this bill.

We’ve put together two posts to help you with background on this issue:

Helpful resources and background on the GOP’s efforts to ‘Repeal and Replace’ the ACA (Obamacare)

One way to learn more: Videos about the efforts to Repeal and Replace the ACA

So, first, CALL your representatives in Washington – use their direct lines as the switchboard has been overloaded as people call their GOP legislators:

Never done this before? Check out our post: Calls to Action – A Pep Talk!

And if this bill gets through it’s next hurdle, there are efforts afoot that would offer people in blue states the opportunity to make calls to people in states with GOP congressmen/women to encourage them to contact their legislators.

Moveon is asking for people who want to travel to get involved in protests at the offices of GOP legislators across the country, Thursdays and Fridays until the bill fails. They are doing trainings on making calls, and you can help.

Furthermore, if you know people in the states/districts listed below, CALL THEM, EMAIL THEM, TEXT THEM, FACEBOOK MESSAGE THEM, SNAPCHAT…WHATEVER and share the information from our resources.

And, share your stories about calls and conversations.



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Thank you for reading our posts, sharing information with friends and family, and being our community leaders!

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