Happy International Women’s Day … without women! Are you striking? Wearing red? Tell us!

17098545_10210201551687758_4260621275070332171_nThe Women’s March organizers are supporting the International Women’s Strike US group to support a day of action.  The premise is that women will strike and there are marches all over the country, including Boston and Cape Cod for those of you who are local. Cape Cod’s demonstrations will be from noon to 1 p.m. at the Orleans and Mashpee rotaries and the Airport Rotary and West End Rotary, both in Hyannis. Wear red. Carry signs.

Share photos and share the hashtag on social media. Change your profiles to red, scroll down to the bottom to the red image you can copy and paste.

There have been some complaints that it is a great idea for women who own businesses, work on salary and who can afford a day off. For many of us, a day without work is a day without pay – so the alternative is to wear red to support women who can and are striking and support only women-owned businesses:

Organizers of the march are now asking women nationwide to wear red on Wednesday (March 8) and take steps to highlight the role women play in the U.S. economy, from skipping work to refusing to shop anywhere but women- and minority-owned businesses.

What are your plans? What will you do? If you can’t strike, will you wear red? Will you only patronize women or minority-owned businesses? If you can’t strike imagine what would happen if you could.

Tell us. Unlike most of our postings here,  this one allows comments. They will be held in moderation for part of the day, but we will post them by the end of the day.

Please share!

What you need to know about the March 8 strike – New York Magazine

A Day Without a Woman: What you need to know – USA Today



  • In my work at Cape Cod Community College, I will spend the morning tutoring students in academic writing. Some of my students are immigrants working hard to make a new life. In the afternoon I will teach my Early Childhood Education students to be fierce advocates for young children. And I’m wearing red. These are ways I will empower my students to make our country a better place! #CalltoAction

  • I tutor online and many of my students are immigrants and English language learners. That is how I am spending my day. And I am wearing red and not shopping. I also called my governor, the president, and my congresspeople to start my day trying to preserve the Affordable Care Act.

  • I am wearing red. I will buy about $5 in grocery items, but not shop otherwise. I will go on a hike in Red Rock National Conservation Area, lead by a woman this afternoon.

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