Diane Feinstein’s Statement about Jeff Sessions

We must continue to make calls – contact all senators on the Judiciary Committee – and insist they do not support Jeff Sessions. For details about who to support and how see: UPDATED URGENT Call to Action: Breaking News – Jeff Sessions Confirmation hearing takes on a new meaning.

We cannot let up. Senators are listening and the committee vote was postponed. After Senator Dianne Feinstein spoke passionately about the Women’s Marches across the country and asked to have this vote postponed.

KEEP IT UP – call – contact – speak up – tell your friends and family to call – share – lets make our voices heard!

Dianne Feinstein, issued a statement that included:

We have now had the opportunity to observe the first full week of the Trump administration. In that brief time, we’ve seen a flurry of executive orders and presidential declarations like none before—some broad, some seemingly unconstitutional, some unenforceable—and all deeply concerning in their intent and legality.

Specifically, the president has issued six executive orders and 10 presidential memoranda or directives in the first week of his administration for a total of 16 major administrative actions.

Among these, the president has issued a sweeping order to undermine the Affordable Care Act, prohibited funding to any international aid group for simply providing information to patients about abortion, suggested a 20 percent tax on exports from Mexico to pay for a border wall and most egregiously, issued multiple executive orders on immigration.

Not one order, idea or pronouncement was meant to bring this country together. They only serve to tear the country further apart.

It’s in this context, with these events, that we are being asked to consider this nomination.

The president’s nominee, a colleague of ours for some 20 years, is well known for his positions and point of view. He has been a staunch campaign partisan for the president.

He has reinforced and supported the Trump mission, style, rhetoric and views. He was the first senator to endorse. He has attended at least 45 Trump campaign events. He wore the hat. He was a leading voice. And, during the campaign, he spoke at large rallies, smiling, while crowds chanted, ‘Lock her up.’

It is very difficult to reconcile for me the independence and objectivity necessary for the position of attorney general with the partisanship this nominee has demonstrated.