CALL TO ACTION: Mnuchin, ‘Foreclosure King’ confirmation hearing

Anyone who has been touched by foreclosure be it their own or someone they cared about, should be angry and ready speak out about Steve Mnuchin. Foreclosure happened to many when they’ve simply found a job loss or medical bills rendered them unable to make payments and that process is beyond humbling. But if you or someone you know were  victim of the horrific practices during our financial crisis, this appointment will sting.

The man who is being vetted for the Secretary of the Treasury cabinet position, Stephen Mnuchin, has a long record of broken homes; homes he took from vulnerable people, many of whom hadn’t missed a payment, many who were eligible for modifications, most who didn’t know how or couldn’t fight back.

And Wednesday evening, news broke that Senator Sherrod Brown is seeking Mnuchins ties to an open investigation involving Relativity Media  and the transfer of 50 million dollars the companies accounts, weeks before it filed for bankrupcy.

Read more below. What can you do?

As always FIRST use these links to contact your own Senator: Then contact members of the Senate Committee on Finance  click on the name and scroll to the bottom of the page for office locations- Washington offices list phone and fax numbers. A complete list of all senators and their phone numbers is here. Or you can contact the switchboard and they will tell you who your member of congress is and transfer you: 202-224-3121.

Remember they aren’t going to vote the day they hold confirmation hearings- that is important to note, any of these posts about hearings are to remind you and encourage you consider the news they make and call call call! Never done or need a pep talk, read this.

Be sure to contact your own Congressman/woman (Representative to the House) Find Your Representative 

From Vanity Fair:

During his time running mortgage lender OneWest, which he bought with a group of investors for pennies on the dollar before selling it for a personal profit of many millions, Steven Mnuchin & Co. foreclosed on more than 36,000 homeowners. Because (1) that’s a lot of people kicked out of a lot houses and (2) everyone loves a good nickname, Mnuchin has earned the moniker, in some circles, “Foreclosure King,” or ”Foreclosure King of California,” if you’re not one for brevity.

From Esquire:

Christina Clifford was one of those people who, when her business cratered during the 2008 recession, applied to Mnuchin’s bank to modify the loan on her condominium in California. Twice, Clifford went through the application process. Both times, the bank said it had not received her paperwork even though it cashed the checks she’d sent along with it. Then, the bank foreclosed and gave her five days to move. “So, basically, all the work I did was null and void,” Clifford said. “It was a nightmare.”

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