Boston Women’s March update!

Message from Mass Women’s Political Caucus Education Fund


Friday evening:

Hello Marchers!!

With warmer weather coming our way and record-setting attendance of over 90,000 registered Marchers (!), we are excited for tomorrow’s historic Boston Women’s March for America.

We have some important updates for you.

1. Our program and full list of speakers is now on the website!  We have over 25 speakers and performers. Arrive early to enjoy the Pre-Rally Performances that begin at 10am, and be sure you’re ready for the full Speakers Program that begins at 11am.  

2. Plan your transportation carefully. The MBTA is aware of our attendance levels and have added more trains, but weekend service can still be light. Parking is extremely scarce and roads will be congested or closed in some places and at various times, so we advise you to take public transportation as early in the day as possible.  

3. If you do plan to drive a car into town, have a “Plan B” and know your public transportation options. You may decide to deviate from your plan as your drive in and park at a nearby MBTA station. If you are a passenger on a registered bus and you experience heavy traffic getting into the city,  ask your bus driver to take you to the nearest MBTA station and then make arrangements with your driver to meet you back at that station after the event.  In any case, everyone should be in touch with their bus drivers by cell phone. 

4. Registered buses have received their instructions and we do not have capacity near the Common to park additional buses. 

5. Be sure to review pedestrian access to the Common. As this recently updated access map shows, pedestrians will not be able to enter the Common at Charles and Beacon St.  You must access the Common from the surrounding streets such as Park, Tremont and Boylston Streets.

6. We have many important updates on our Accessibility page about pick up times, drop off, road closures and the March procession.

7. Check out our list of what you can bring and what we ask you not to bring. The City of Boston is requesting no backpacks and no signs on wooden sticks (cardboard is fine).

8. Bring your patience and smile. With over 90,000 people setting out to March along Charles Street to Beacon Street to Arlington Street route, it will take considerable time for everyone to leave the Common.  

9. Embrace our differences and our right to Free Speech. You will encounter many messages in the course of the March. We support everyone’s right to free speech and to express themselves at this event. There may people protesting the March itself. If you feel unsafe due to the actions of another person in the March, you can alert a marshal in an orange vest or law enforcement. Stay calm. Don’t engage counter protesters. And be a watchful participant. If you see something, say something.

10. If anyone approaches you with a camera or asking for a quote, assume your photo or remarks will be shared publicly. If you do not want to be photographed or interviewed you can decline. If you are willing to be interviewed by the press it’s smart to verify that they have a press credential before you speak to them. Or if you do not feel comfortable speaking to the press, direct them to the Press Team on the Common, near the Stage area.

See you bright and early, and remember, if the Ducklings can wear hats, you can too.  It’s not going to be that warm, so do dress warmly, and bring water and snacks. 

The Boston Womens March For America

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Dear Marchers—

Big news! We have more than 70K registered for the March!

In just two short days the Boston Women’s March will gather peacefully to show the world that we stand for dignity, equal rights and freedom from discrimination for all. We have a great day planned with fabulous speakers, performance artists and over 70,000 marchers.

Be sure you have the latest information on the March so you can enjoy everything that the day will offer.

  • Please use public transportation; parking will be scarce and traffic is expected to be heavy.  Visit our transportation web page for details. 
  • Pedestrian entry to the Boston Common will be from the Boylston and Tremont Street sides. There will be no entry or access to the Common at the Beacon Street and Charles Street intersection as this area is reserved for registered Accessible bus drop off and logistics personnel for the stage operations. The best entry points will be along Tremont, Boylston, upper Beacon Street near the State House, and along Park Street.  People coming from Arlington and Boylston T Stops should walk up Boylston past Charles and enter further up Boylston or keep going to Tremont Street. If you arrive from the Charles/MGH T Stop you will need to walk up Charles Street and walk carefully past the bus drop off area to the Boylston Street side of Charles Street. 
  • Arrive early.  There will be excellent live entertainment on the Common starting shortly after 10am.  The program begins at 11am. 
  • Notice that you can find March Volunteers and Organizers who will be wearing Navy Blue hats with orange pom-poms, and will have a visible name tag.  Many of these volunteers will have radios if you need assistance. 
  • If you are bringing children be sure they know how to spot a March Volunteer or a City of Boston Police Officer.  Keep children close to you at all times. Volunteer Marshals will have vests on, and all March Volunteers will have a navy hat with an orange pom pom and our logo. 
  • The City of Boston has requested, in the interest of public safety, that we do not bring backpacks or large bags and that we do not bring banner/signs with wooden sticks, pipes, poles or supports made of material that might be deemed a safety concern. Please consider reusable see-through bags or small clear backpacks to carry your belongings. Please see a complete list of Safety and Security guidelines (under FAQ section of this page) on what not to bring to the March.
  • If you are meeting people at the March, agree on a meeting location somewhere off the Common because of the anticipated size of the gathering. 
  • Designate ameet-up-if-you-get-separated plan for your group, also away from the Common. 
  • There will be portable toilet restrooms available on the Common during the day.  Expect long wait times here too.  There will be no restrooms available along the March route. 
  • Bring fully charged cellphones. Have a back-up plan for meeting your group later in the day when batteries are low, or if cell service is weak in the area due to volume.  Share cellphone numbers within your group in advance. 
  • Food at the Common will be offered via food carts, but lines will be long and menus will be limited, so be sure to bring reusable water bottles to stay hydrated and pack snacks for the full day. 
  • Please use the “carry in, carry out” concept to lower our environmental footprint. Check the weather before you travel into town. Dress warmly for a full day outdoors and wear comfortable shoes that will withstand the elements. 
  • Be aware that after the program on the Common concludes we will begin the March by exiting the back of the seating area.  See the updated Map on the website.  Marshals in blue hats with orange pom-poms will guide you towards the March route.  There will be no access to the March at the corner of Beacon and Charles throughout the entire day. This area will reserved for Accessible drop off and logistic personnel.
  • Be patient!  It could take considerable time to get the March procession started, especially as we exit the back of the audience area and begin the walk along Charles Street and turn onto Beacon Street.  Those near the front of the audience by the stage area may have to wait 30 to 45 minutes before they take their place in the March.  The corner entrance of Charles and Beacon will only have access to marchers that have communicated with our Accessibility team. (This is an excellent time to meet and talk with the people waiting alongside you!  Or take a moment to post photos or observations on social media.) 
  • Remember, if you need assistance along the one mile March route you can find a March volunteer wearing the now-famous blue hat with orange pom-pom. If you need to rest, step aside from the crowd and rejoin later or feel free to head back to the Common via a side street if you prefer. 
  • When you complete the March, you are welcome rejoin the gathering at the Common to talk with fellow Marchers and our Community Partners. 
  • Be sure to enjoy yourself and be proud that you are part of a peaceful, non-partisan show of support for our inclusive democratic ideals! 

The Boston Womens March For America

PS: Please follow us on Twitter @BosWomensMarch for late-breaking updates during the March. Program to be announced tomorrow.