Would you like to carry her flag to the DC or Boston March?

Marianne Sweeney  wants someone to carry her flag in one of the two marches being attended by Cape Codders this Saturday.


She used this flag to protest what she and other residents claimed in this Dec 2015 article, were poor conditions and abusive behavior by management in an Orleans housing.

The photo of her wrapped in a flag and protesting was also the subject of a wonderful post in the CCTimes photographers blog  about the enduring strength of the First Amendment, even in these times when cameras are everywhere. He noted that the same day he was taking photos for a story about police car dashboard cameras, he was also taking photos of a woman protesting, wrapped in the flag, in a nearby town. While photographing Marianne, a police car rolled by:

I was photographing their protest and if the passing police car had a dash cam it would have had all of us on film. The freedom of all these groups, protesters, police and press are what keep us strong as a country.

Marianne wants her flag to be one of the marches, even though she can’t go. Please contact her if you’d like to carry it: mhsweeney185@yahoo.com.


Marianne’s New Year’s message of support to women marching in DC and Boston.