Call to Action: Confirmation hearing – Dr. Ben Carson for HUD, a risk for many of our most vulnerable citizens.

Dr. Ben Carson, has called HUD programs, “a mandated social-engineering scheme.”  Now he is up for consideration, appointed by Donald Trump, to run the agency. Please speak out and speak up. (watch hearing live on you-tube)

One important and often ignored program HUD is responsible for is FORECLOSURE protection. This new congress is determined to deregulate banks and these protection programs are at risk. These programs don’t allow people to stay in homes they can’t afford as some wealthy GOP like to claim; those types of statements only demonstrate a disconnect from people living and struggling in the real world. Dr. Ben Carson, while he claims to have come from humble roots is far removed and has no experience in these issues.
We must oppose this appointment.

Schedule: Dr. Ben Carson, HUD 10am Senate Banking and Housing  Committee. Contact your senator and the members of the committee, all links at the bottom of this article.

To understand the reasons why we should speak out against Carson see:

An Open Letter From Urban Affairs And Housing Scholars To The Senate: Reject Ben Carson As HUD Secretary  An excellent letter from the nation’s top experts who are concerned about programs that help some of our more vulnerable citizens – please read the entire letter – here is just one paragraph:

Dr. Carson has expressed disdain for HUD’s mission: Among HUD’s key responsibilities is the enforcement of the nation’s fair housing laws—laws created to reduce discrimination still faced by non-white, disabled, LGBT, and other households seeking secure and decent homes to rent or buy. Rather than understanding the continuing need for the enforcement of the laws that protect the rights of all who are seeking housing, and acknowledging that the government has an ongoing commitment to provide opportunities for low-income people who are eager to move to low-poverty areas, Dr. Carson has dismissed fair housing as being “a mandated social-engineering scheme.” He has shown nothing but disdain for HUD’s statutory obligation to affirmatively further fair housing.

And an excellent article by the ACLU on what HUD is an why Carson’s positions show he could do serious damage for a population of this country that has little representation: Does Dr. Ben Carson Believe in Housing and Urban Development’s Fair Housing Mission?

Dr. Carson has written that he opposes AFFH and other HUD programs designed to promote integration and address housing discrimination. In a 2015 op-ed in The Washington Times, Carson labeled AFFH as a “mandated social-engineering scheme” and an example of “failed socialism,” despite acknowledging the government’s role in “greatly reduc[ing] explicit discrimination in housing” through the Fair Housing Act.

Contact Your Senators:

and the members of the Senate Housing and Banking committee, linked from here, that links to each senator’s contact information: Committee membership.