Calls to Action – A Pep Talk!

screen-shot-2013-10-17-at-11-36-44-am“Don’t get distracted! It’s happening now!
Use your voice! Use it now!”

It works!

Even before the inauguration and the Marches on Washington and around the country, your voice is needed.

First, millions of us spoke up by contacting legislators in Washington, contacting the press and using social media to oppose the GOP’s first move: to eliminate the Office of Independent Ethics. It worked.  Just their move to do this, however gives us an indication as to what we will be up against with this new Congress.

To protect our rights and the programs we rely on, we must be VIGILANT, stand together in SOLIDARITY, take action to ADVOCATE and work to RESIST. Please take part. Speak  up and speak out.

It’s hard to keep up. So much is happening. The flurry of activity, bills, appointment confirmation hearings and votes …  it is designed in a way that makes it difficult to follow. Our attention is easily diverted to easier targets. When ethics rules are being violated, services are being cut in confusing ways (reconciliation) we easily shift our focus to something less complicated. Like Trump tweets and statements about crowd sizes!

Well, after you express and share anger about the absolutely unbelievable and often frightening things he says in tweets and Trump’s executive orders, please visit this page and scan our website – make one call or ten. Choose one issue or help with each one. Contact legislators more than once, once for one issue, the next time for the next issue.

And sign up using the link on the right of this page to receive emails when new articles and Calls to Action are posted.

Do it. Call. Email. Tweet. Contact the representatives listed.

Never done it? The first time is the hardest. Then you realize the people who are receiving these messages expect them; it’s easier than you think. It is important, though, because when legislators at any level of government get a lot of feedback about issues, they notice. And we have heard and read that Republicans, groups like NRA, and others make calls regularly and make up more of the overall calls than those who oppose these actions. They are good at it.

If we are going to win, we must add our voices and help legislators at all levels get a sense of what the people outside the bubble are thinking.

For some legislators it’s about doing the right thing, for others it’s more about worrying about the next election. Regardless. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Use it. You CAN do this!