ACTION ALERT: Contact state legislators – support the MA Trust Act, protect immigrants!

This bill is in danger of dying in committee – please see the latest post about this and what you can do to move it out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.

(Thanks to the Action Together Massachusetts Facebook Page for this alert!)

This is how we will get things done. We must be vigilant and stand together in solidarity. When we have the chance to use our voices, we will share that here or on our Facebook Page or both!  To get email notices whenever we post on this website please use the link in the right column to sign up.

According to The Boston University Statehouse Program,

After the presidential race spurred heated national debate on immigration, state Sen. Jamie Eldridge announced last month plans to refile a bill to allow state and local law enforcement to take a light-handed approach to federal immigration laws. The Acton Democrat filed the bill in two previous legislative sessions, but he has hopes it will find more support this year.

It’s important to note that despite the rhetoric on the right, this law will not protect all illegal immigrants, it will “not restrict local law enforcement from sharing a person’s immigration status with federal officials, especially if the person is a dangerous or repeat offender.”

The bill would allow more discretion for local law enforcement. Senator Eldridge explains that if local law enforcement are expected or required to report illegal immigrants to federal officials, “{s}uddenly you have a chilling effect that immigrants will not call police when they see a crime,” he said. “It’s (the Trust Act) designed to restore trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities.”

To take action please contact your state Senator and State Representative and tell them as a constituent you are asking her/him to support this bill. The bill has been filed in the Senate, so the House of Representatives may not know of it, yet, so use this as  preemptive advocacy.  We don’t have a bill number, so when you contact your legislators, refer to this as “The Trust Act.” How do you contact your legislators? Easy, call or email. We have a page set up here: Contact Your Elected Official

Legislators take notice when a constituent takes the time to make contact. If this is the first time you’ve done this what a great opportunity to become familiar with the process!  We will be doing a lot of this in the coming months for many different issues.

For a more detailed description of the Trust Act and a great section about who opposes it, see the article referenced: Massachusetts officials mull sanctuary state legislation.