Monthly Archives: December 2016

Men who ‘get it’ give renewed hope for the future

.. a guy who volunteers as an escort at an abortion clinic to protect women as they walk past protesters who can be pretty awful as you know, posted this today about an experience he had. He’s given permission to share it. It brought tears to my eyes and i hope you will read it and share it. We are blessed to have male feminist who support us, and who ‘get’ it this way.

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Share your New Year’s message with Women’s March organizers!

If you have time at the last minute and can take on a creative project due tomorrow (I learned about this, this morning…) Greetings from the Women’s March on Washington social media team! Next Sunday, January 1st, we would like to kick off the new year by showing the world that the Women’s March is truly a worldwide movement. We’ll

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Appalling silence can’t mask a gathering roar

(shared with us and published in the Cape Cod Times) By Janet Murphy Robertson An unapologetic disseminator of hate will soon roam the halls of the White House as “chief strategist and senior counselor.” Left to stand, this appointment will be a moral stain on our country and an omen of much more to come. It transforms the president-elect’s campaign

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