Senate to vote this Saturday – need your help! PAID FAMILY and MEDICAL LEAVE

Please note: this was 2016 – The senate passed the bill, the house never voted. It died there. Don’t let that happen during this session! SEE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BILL FILED THIS LEGISLATION

From Raise Up MA (PFML is supported by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women) :

working-momBreaking news! The Senate will be voting on Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) in the Massachusetts State Senate this Saturday, July 23rd! 

Paid family and medical leave would help our state’s families, businesses, and economy. Workers could stay home with a newborn child or a seriously ill parent, or take time to recover after an unexpected illness.

Businesses would benefit from healthier and more productive employees, while the reduction in worker turnover would generate savings for employers. Paid family and medical leave also keeps money in the pockets of families who then spend it in the local economy.

The time is now. We need your help urging our State Senators to support and vote for this monumental legislation this SaturdayPlease take a moment to use our email-sending tool to send your Senator a message right now.

In addition, let your friends and networks know that you support PFML by adding our filter to your Facebook or Twitter picture. You can do so by following this link.

We need paid family and medical leave for a simple reason: Everyone should be able to care for a newborn child or a sick family member without risking job loss or financial ruin. Please join us to pass paid family and medical leave this year.


Raise Up Massachusetts