Who Opposes Equal Pay in MA? Why?

(this was originally posted in February, but it is important and provides some incite into those who would oppose this legislation so we are reposting)

Cape Cod Women for Change

There is even opposition to changing the “definition of woman!”  Shall we add a definition of man?

Interesting column in the Business section of the Boston Globe by Shirley Leung!  She reports on organizations in the business community who oppose efforts to pass the equal pay bill.  They are vowing to fight the bill in the MA House, and it appears there are some legislators on both sides of the aisle who are listening.

But before we get to that, let’s consider the atmosphere we face.  A couple of weeks ago, the Herald published an editorial opposing the bill. Surprise? No. The editorial was sprinkled with misrepresentations and bending of truths; it read like a transcript for a Rush Limbaugh show.

Among other things, the Herald opposedremoving the definition – currently on the books – of a “woman” as a female over 18.

To understand the folly of the “pay…

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