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BRIDGING THE WAGE GAP: The Problem and The Solution

Women in Massachusetts make up almost half the workforce. Women who work full time earn approximately 80.8% of what men who work full time earn, and lose a combined total of approximately $12,239,814,352 annually due to the wage gap.
As of 2013, 40% of households with children under 18 included mothers who were either the sole or primary breadwinner for the family, up from 11% in 1960, and 57% of low-wage workers in Massachusetts are women.
The wage gap, magnified over the course of a lifetime of earnings, can have a serious impact on the economic security of women. Since women live longer than men, lower wages makes it even harder to be self-sufficient throughout retirement.

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THE CLOCK IS RUNNING – We need your voice! Now.

Now is the time to act. We need your voice! Please send an email, contact your senator and let him/her know as a constituent you want him/her to vote in favor. Please visit this page for a template and downloadable documents to use, and all the information you need. It takes just a couple of minutes to help accomplish what hasn’t been accomplished in the 70 years since the first attempt was made to correct the archaic inequalities that create a pay gap between men and women in Massachusetts.

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